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TutorTrek 360o Appraisal Program is a learning and management solution from the TutorTrek Group, with more than 6 years of experience in education and training. TutorTrek introduces TutorTrek Assessment Tool (TAT), a solution that will empower teachers to teach, analyse and assess more effectively.

TutorTrek 360o Appraisal is an effective combination of content, technology and services that will help keep your school at the frontier of education. TutorTrek offers technology infrastructure, interactive learning content, lesson plans, worksheets, quizzes and ultimate TutorTrek Assessment Tool (TAT). The content is well-aligned to CBSE, ICSE & All State Boards. Our lesson plans are designed to help your school implement effective teaching practices across curricula.

Our implementation approach is designed to meet intended academic outcomes and ensure all-round stakeholder acceptance. We will help to set up the required technology infrastructure and install our software and learning content. We will configure the system to meet the specific requirements of your school and provide training to teaching and non-teaching staff.

Our implementation plan includes on-going support and services for the maintenance and upkeep learning content, supported by training and consulting to ensure that teachers feel confident about using technology-enabled content.

We do not consider education as a mere business opportunity. It has always been the TutorTrek endeavour to improve the quality of education in India. TutorTrek represents an initiative to further strengthen our commitment towards education.

Use global educational resources, the internet and technology to help students worldwide achieve their education goals.

  • To make world-class education accessible and affordable
  • To create a leading global education services

  • To leverage technology, education and management and improve the lives of students around the world

  • 360o Appraisal Program


    The ability to learn at any time, anywhere and at your own pace.


    A way to show initiative and drive to prospective employers, as well as time management skills.


    A great resource to explore new fields without spending too much tuition fees.


    A way to refresh your memory on topics you've studied in the past, or learn about new advances in the field.

    About TutorTrek Assessment Tool

    • What does make good quality education or a qualitative education ?
    • How to raise the levels of academic performance ?
    • How to measure the education quality ? 

    The ultimate answer of these three questions is :

    Corrective actions based on Formative Tests will improve student performance incredibly. This is the ideology of Teacher Assistant.

    It makes all the stakeholders in a child’s education such as parents, teachers, coordinators and the principal, work along towards the common goal. 

    How it works

    The students are tested at the end of every chapter; the tests can be offline or online.

    1. Generate Random or Custom Question Paper in few minutes.
    2. Scan OMR sheets of a class in few minutes
    3. Get instant results, analytics and recommendations 
    4. Track students’ performance in real-time


    People Behind TutorTrek

    Mr Praveen Parmar


    Being Co-founder and Academic Head means Prav is busy with setting the vision for the TutorTrek and expanding our library of educational videos.

    Priti Agarwal


    Being Co-founder and Finance Head, Priti takes care of Financial and Strategic part of the business.

    Mrs Geeta Parmar

    HR Head

    As Manager , Geeta focuses on overall organizational strategy, partnerships, and operations.

    Dr Dinesh Parmar

    Test Editor

    Dr Dinesh helps to prepare quality content and learning strategies at TutorTrek

    Mr Anubhav Karelia

    Chief Technical Officer (CTO)

    As CTO of TutorTrek, Anubhav is responsible for technical side of the business.

    Yashika Karelia

    Web Developer

    She works out, how the functionality of the website should work and look of it.

    Akanksha Deshmukh

    Content Developer

    She focuses on Content Development part of the business.


    Madhuri Sharma


    She coordinates the teams of various departments

    Manisha Bisht

    Content Developer

    She focuses on content development for  for Senior Secondary Classes.

    Rachna Rathore

    Content Developer

    She focuses on Content Developer of Secondary Classes.

    Rohit Mishra

    Graphic Designer

    He takes care of graphic designing part of the business.

    Rohit Sonwane

    Computer Typist

    He converts data into digital environment.

    Ankita Dubey

    Content Developer

    She focuses on Content Development part of the business. 

    Yogita Kushwha

    Content Developer

    She focuses on Content Development part of the business.

    Why TutorTrek ?

    It is difficult to opt better teachers everywhere.

  • Lectures of best faculties can be viewed on www.tutortrek.in

  • The lectures are in Multi language format so the student could easily understand the concept of chapters.

  • Live videos of numerical solving are easy to understand.

  • Study material is available in PDF format for further practice.

  • Self Assessment test for better self assessment.

  • Online doubt clearing session on interactive board.

  • Growth of Video's Viewed

    Year - 2012

    Our Expectation was 50000 Views for 2012, and we kept it as our goal.

    Year - 2013

    Our Expectation was 50000 Views for 2013, and we kept it as our goal.

    Year - 2014

    Our Expectation was 50000 Views for 2014, and we kept it as our goal.

    Year - 2015

    Our Expectation was 50000 Views for 2015, and we kept it as our goal.

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